Shoe Mount Flash EF-X500


Guide number
50 (ISO100·m) / 164 (ISO100·ft)
Flash coverage
24-105mm (20mm setting with diffuser panel)
90˚ up, 10˚ down, 135˚ left, and 180˚ right
Exposure control
TTL flash (with FP high-speed sync), manual and multi-flash (strobe)
Firing rate
Approx. once every 2.5 sec. Approx. 170 flashes per battery set
Wireless flash
Optical transmission, with four channels and three groups


The powerful Shoe Mount Flash EF-X500 can be used for all kinds of lighting tasks, from brightening up low light scenes to creating ambience in creative photoshoots.

A guide number of 50 (ISO100·m) gives you all the power you need to light up big groups and shoot in strong sunlight. Support for FP mode (high speed flash sync) allows any shutter speed to be used, too. The EF-X500 supports multi-flash lighting, so it can be used off camera as part of a multiple light setup. TTL flash metering takes care of the complicated side of flash for you, so you can concentrate on what’s in front of the camera.

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