Free FUJIFILM RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 2.0 Software Update Released!

Free FUJIFILM RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 2.0 Software Update Released!

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Fujifilm has released a software update to the RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 2.0 powered by SILKYPIX. The new version adds compatibility with files from the new FUJIFILM X-T100 camera. This addition means that the complete range of X Series cameras is now compatible with RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 2.0. You can download the latest version of the software for free here.


Developed in concert with Fujifilm’s imaging experts, RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 2.0 allows users to process RAW files shot with X Series and GFX system cameras. The FUJIFILM RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 2.0 can be used to add sharpness, crop images, or adjust a range of settings that includes exposure, white balance, tone, and saturation. For creative post-processing, the software comes with a collection of presets known as ‘Tastes’. Any set of adjustments that a user likes or uses regularly can also be saved as User Tastes, which can then be applied to other photos individually or in batches.

Advanced Features

For users who want to dive a little deeper into editing, RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 2.0 also offers lens corrections, the ability to clean up digital noise, and an option for batch processing a large number of photos at once. When the edit is complete, users can save their files as JPEGs, TIFFs or DNG files, and also have the option of printing directly from the software.

FUJIFILM Film Simulation Modes

Photographers know how much Fujifilm’s legendary color reproduction technology can enhance their photography. With RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 2.0 Fujifilm’s highly regarded Film Simulation modes can be applied in post, meaning users can try out a variety of Film Simulations to see which ones best suit their image. Within the Color settings, users will find all the Film Simulation modes that are available in their camera, such as PROVIA, Velvia, ACROS and CLASSIC CHROME, making it possible to export multiple versions with different looks.

Download the latest version of the FUJIFILM RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 2.0 Software now!

Please note that more recent versions of the above software may have become available since this news story was published. Visit the FUJIFILM Software page to ensure you have the latest updates!

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