FUJIFILM GFX 50S Gains New Features with Release of Firmware Update 3.0

FUJIFILM GFX 50S Gains New Features with Release of Firmware Update 3.0

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This week, Fujifilm announced a new firmware update for its powerhouse medium format camera, the FUJIFILM GFX 50S.

FUJIFILM cameras have a reputation for improving and growing in functionality as time goes by. This is thanks to second-to-none firmware support, driven by Fujifilm’s business philosophy of ‘kaizen’, a Japanese word meaning continual improvement. True to form, the new firmware version, named GFX 50S Camera Body Firmware Update Ver.3.00, upgrades the functionality of Fujifilm’s flagship GFX system camera in several ways.

The first upgrade, and one that is certain to be popular among pro photographers, is the introduction of Focus Bracketing. This brand new feature enables the GFX 50S to shoot multiple exposures at various focus distances. The new feature changes the focus distance in increments as each shot is taken to automate the process of focus bracketing. This can be useful for disciplines such as product and macro photography because these exposures can be blended during post-processing to create a single image that is sharp at every distance.

The next upgrade is the addition of a 35mm Format Mode. This new mode allows photographers to shoot with a central area of the camera’s sensor measuring 36 x 24mm. This mode is ideal for those who use a 35mm format lens adapter on their GFX 50S to enable compatibility with lenses that were originally designed for use with 35mm format cameras. The new software feature makes it easier to shoot with 35mm format lenses, even classic or legacy optics, in both JPEG and RAW file formats.

Alongside the new firmware update for the FUJIFILM GFX 50S, Fujifilm has also announced a new firmware update for its H MOUNT ADAPTER G. Named Mount Adapter “H MOUNT ADAPTER G” Firmware Update Ver.1.10, the update expands lens compatibility, making it possible to use an even greater number of legacy lenses with the FUJIFILM GFX 50S. The full list of lenses compatible with the H MOUNT ADAPTER G is available online.

These updates are available now at FUJIFILMFirmware.com.

Please note that more recent firmware versions may have become available since this news story was published. Visit FUJIFILMFirmware.com to ensure you have the latest updates for all of your FUJIFILM gear!

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