GFX 50S Camera Firmware Ver.3.1.0 Now Available

GFX 50S Camera Firmware Ver.3.1.0 Now Available

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The latest firmware update for the GFX 50S is now available for free download. Firmware Ver.3.1.0 brings a host of useful new features to Fujifilm’s powerful mirrorless medium format camera. These include useful functions including Flicker Reduction, customizable folders and indicators, and additional Fn button support for the 35mm Format mode.

GF250mmF4 R LM OIS WR Lens Compatibility

The GF250mmF4 R LM OIS WR lens has a lot to offer on top of stunning image quality, and Firmware Ver.3.1.0 allows the GFX 50S to take full advantage of those capabilities. With the update, the GFX 50S can access features such as Focus Preset, AF-L, and AF-ON.

Flicker Reduction

Flicker Reduction mode helps to prevent uneven exposure problems that can arise from indoor fluorescent lighting by perfectly timing the shutter to release only at peak brightness – the ideal feature for capturing action indoors.

Folder Customization

This is a handy new feature that allows you to choose where images are stored in camera. You can create separate folders for different locations, shoots or days, which can help you keep your files organized and speed up your post-production workflow!

Customizable Large Indicators

With this update you can enlarge the indicators displayed in the EVF and on the LCD screen, which allows you to customize the information that is displayed. This gives you quick access to the features and information that you use the most.

Quicker Access to 35mm Format Mode

Firmware Ver.3.1.0 will also let you activate 35mm Format mode using the Fn buttons, making it quicker and easier to switch between settings.

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