GFX Users Get Firmware Update

GFX Users Get Firmware Update

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A firmware update has brought a number of useful new features to the FUJIFILM GFX 50S medium format camera.

Released this month, the new software gives FUJIFILM GFX 50S owners several new features and performance increases. In a statement, FUJIFILM commented: “this update reflects professional GFX users’ requests for improving usability and adding new functions.”

There are seven performance gains as a result of the new firmware, which was released in late November 2017.


By connecting a GFX 50S to a PC or Mac, photographers can process and convert the RAW files they specify on their computer using the X-Processor Pro in their camera and FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO software. Fast batch processing will be available.

Improved Radio Flash Controllability

Users of third party studio flash can now shoot with their flash in high speed sync mode or with TTL exposure control via radio triggers.

Support For Backup/Restore of Camera Settings Via FUJIFILM X Acquire

Camera settings can now be backed up to a PC or Mac computer using FUJFILM X Acquire software. The new feature also makes it possible to copy settings from one camera to another.

New DSLR-like View Mode

The number of view modes has been expanded to include Eye Sensor + LCD Image Display, which allows shooting with the viewfinder and image review on the camera’s LCD screen – just as you would with a DSLR.

Deactivate the Command Dial’s Shutter Speed Adjustment

It’s now possible to prevent the Command Dial from changing shutter speed in third-stop increments, as is the default setting. This is to prevent accidental adjustments.

Shoot Without Card Mode

A new Shoot without card mode has been added to the GFX 50S, replacing the previous behaviour that allowed shooting without a card at any time. By turning this new setting to OFF, photographers can safeguard against accidentally shooting with no memory card in the camera.

New EVF Brightness Settings

It’s now possible to set the brightness level of the camera’s electronic viewfinder to -6 or -7, for increased comfort when shooting in very low-light conditions.

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Please note that more recent firmware versions may have become available since this news story was published. Visit to ensure you have the latest updates for all of your FUJIFILM gear!