Shooting Tethered with FUJIFILM X Acquire

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What is FUJIFILM X Acquire?

FUJIFILM X Acquire software lets GFX 50S owners shoot images straight to their computers in a process known as tethering. But what are the benefits of tethered shooting? And how easy is it to do? In this Technique blog post, we will attempt to answer a few of these questions and help you to discover how tethering can help you take your photography to the next level.

What is Tethering?

Normally, when you shoot a photo, your camera records a JPEG or RAW file straight to a memory card in the camera. However, tethering allows images to be written directly to a PC or Mac hard drive as they are shot. That means you can keep shooting for as long as you have space on your hard drive without stopping to empty your memory cards.

Another benefit of shooting tethered is that you can immediately inspect your images on your PC or Mac monitor. This gives you a detailed view of your shot, making it easy to check the focus, composition and depth of field. If there is a stray hair or a speck of dust on the lens, it is easier to catch on a larger display. Also, you can check the shot on the same calibrated display that you will use to edit the image, so you can immediately assess the color accuracy and white balance, making in-camera adjustments if required.

Tethering is also great for collaboration and for making your subjects feel like part of the creative process. You can have your model, makeup artist, assistant, or stylist stand near the monitor, checking the shots with you as they are taken. Seeing the images as they are captured can help to keep everybody on the same page, working towards the same creative vision.

In the past, tethering required you to purchase software and to connect your camera to your computer with a USB cable, hence the term ‘tethered’. However, FUJIFILM X Acquire software allows you to connect via Wi-Fi and save JPEGs directly to your PC or Mac, giving you total freedom of movement and making cable management a little easier.

FUJIFILM X Acquire software

How to Tether Your Camera to Your PC or Mac

Okay, so now that you are aware of the benefits of tethered shooting, let’s take a look at how it is done.

Step 1

This step is for tethering via Wi-Fi. If you are planning on connecting using a USB cable, you can skip straight to Step 2.

Tethered shooting is available over a Wi-Fi connection for GFX 50S cameras running firmware version 1.10 or newer. If the firmware version of your camera is older than that, you will need to upgrade your firmware before you get started. For more information on how to do that, visit the following URL: GFX 50S Camera Body Firmware Update.

Step 2

Next, you will need to download the free FUJIFILM X Acquire software. Navigate to either the Windows or Mac download page for FUJIFILM X Acquire and download the correct version for the operating system you are using:

Windows –

Mac –

Once you have downloaded the installer, run it and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on your system.

Step 3

This step is for Wi-Fi connections only. If you plan to connect using a USB cable you can skip forward to step 4B.

Now it’s time to prepare the camera for connection to a wireless network. Set CONNECTION SETTING > PC SHOOT MODE to OFF. Go to CONNECTION SETTING > WIRELESS SETTINGS > IP ADDRESS.

If you know your IP address (IP ADDRESS), network mask (NETMASK), and gateway address (GATEWAY ADDRESS), select MANUAL. If not, select AUTO.

The next step is to connect the camera to the router, so make sure your router is on and ready to connect. If the router is equipped with a WPS button, you will be able to connect your camera to the router without entering a password or adjusting other network settings.

To do that, open the camera menu and go to CONNECTION SETTING > WIRELESS SETTINGS > ACCESS POINT SETTINGS, highlight SIMPLE SETUP, and press MENU OK.

The camera will display a message prompting you to press the WPS button on the router.

Press and hold the router WPS button until the WPS light starts to flash. The two devices will attempt to establish a connection automatically. The connection must be made within two minutes of selecting SIMPLE SETUP in the camera menu.

Once a connection between camera and router is successfully established, press the MENU OK button.

If your router does not have a WPS button, select MANUAL SETUP and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your camera to the Wi-Fi connection.

Step 4A

Once the above steps have been completed, you are ready for wireless tethered photography.

In the camera menu, select CONNECTION SETTING > PC SHOOT MODE > WIRELESS FIXED. The camera will connect to the Wi‑Fi network selected above.

Launch FUJIFILM X Acquire on your computer and select Preferences > Camera Search > Network. If the camera and computer are on the same network, select Search within the segment


If the camera and computer are on different networks, go to CONNECTION SETTING > WIRELESS SETTINGS > IP ADDRESS in the camera menu, and check the camera’s IP address. It will be a series of digits separated by periods.

Now, in the FUJIFILM X Acquire Preferences window, select Specified IP address and enter the camera’s IP address.

Step 4B

If you would prefer to shoot tethered using a USB connection, set the camera’s PC SHOOT MODE to USB AUTO or USB FIXED. Then use a USB cable to connect your camera to your Mac or PC.

When using either of the AUTO settings (PC SHOOT AUTO or USB AUTO), the camera goes into tethered shooting mode when connected to a Mac or PC, and acts normally when not connected to a Mac or PC.

Step 5

Once the camera and the PC or Mac are connected (whether wirelessly or via USB), launch FUJIFILM X Acquire. Don’t worry if you do not immediately see a window pop up. FUJIFILM X Acquire runs in the menu bar for Mac and in the taskbar for Windows. You can look for the app’s icon to verify that the software is running.

Step 6

When running FUJIFILM X Acquire for the first time, you need to specify a destination folder into which you want the software to save your images. To do that, click on the icon and then click Specify destination folder.

When you turn the camera on, FUJIFILM X Acquire will connect to the camera and automatically save captured images to this folder.

Step 7

To set your preferred file type, click on the FUJIFILM X Acquire icon and then click Preferences.

In the Preferences window, select the File Type tab.

The top half allows you to specify file formats to be saved in your Mac or PC, while the bottom half allows you to specify file formats to be saved to a memory card in your camera.


Step 8

FUJIFILM X Acquire has a window with some useful information. At a glance you can check the connected camera, your current shutter speed, aperture, ISO value, exposure compensation, and white balance. To see that window, click the FUJIFILM X Acquire icon in the menu bar (for Mac) or taskbar (for Windows), and select Show Window.

Step 9

When the above steps are complete, any shots you take will be saved to your hard drive in the folder you specified. When you have finished shooting and want to close the software, simply click on the FUJIFILM X Acquire icon in the menu bar (for Mac) or taskbar (for Windows), and select Exit.

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