FUJIFILM Festival Kicks Off in Style FUJIFILM Festival Kicks Off in Style FUJIFILM Festival Kicks Off in Style FUJIFILM Festival Kicks Off in Style FUJIFILM Festival Kicks Off in Style

FUJIFILM Festival Kicks Off in Style

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The FUJIFILM Festival 2018 has got underway in Venice, CA with the first day featuring a series of immersive daylong workshops providing the 150 delegates with a fascinating insight into professional photography and videography.

Following an introduction from FUJIFILM North America Corporation’s Product Manager Lisa Yang, delegates split into groups led by photographers Xyza Cruz Bacani, Elia Locardi, Omar Z. Robles and Michelle Turner and videographers Andrew Primavera and Tehillah Del Castro to dive deep into different genres and fine tune their skills.

Workshops in Amazing Locations

The workshops took place at stunning locations across Venice from the quirky Big Red Sun garden center to the stunning rooftop at Hotel Erwin. In each location, attendees had direct access to FUJIFILM experts to help them to get the most from their X Series and GFX system gear, plus there was also a central base where they could loan equipment, take advantage of an opportunity to get their FUJIFILM gear checked and cleaned, and even get free prints of their images taken during the day.

Hands-On Practical Sessions

On top of informative classroom-based learning, delegates also had the opportunity to put what they’d learned into practice with practical sessions using professional models and guided photo walks. Dance photographer Omar Z. Robles even had his class performing some of the ballet moves his dancers were going to carry out later that day!

Naturally, the whole day proved a hit with attendees. “It was great to get information from people who have so much experience,” said Frank Chen who attended the Industrializing Your Video Content workshop with Andrew Primavera and Tehillah Del Castro. “I’m new to video so it was really interesting to learn not just the technology, but also the psychology of how film makes people feel. I’ve picked up new ways to edit, and how to see the subject – it will be really helpful for me in my work,” he continued. “This is the second brand Festival I’ve been to. The culture here feels more relaxed, there’s a good vibe; it’s like a real community.”

The quality of the training also stood out for Sounya Thardha who had traveled to the FUJIFILM Festival 2018 from San Jose to attend Michelle Turner’s Wedding & Lifestyle Photography workshop. “I was interested to hear about the business aspects of Michelle’s talk, along with the lighting and posing advice. I think I took most out of the lighting part, which has definitely given me more confidence and made me a better photographer as a result. Michelle did really well, she answered all our questions and was great at explaining things;  she was awesome!”

Networking and Cocktails

The first day wrapped with an informal networking and cocktails session, which gave attendees the perfect opportunity to share what they’d learned throughout the day and watch the sun set in one of California’s most iconic locations.

The FUJIFILM Festival 2018 runs through October 7 and culminates in a public photo walk down the Venice Beach boardwalk on Sunday, where all are welcome. Meet us at Winward Plaza at 10 AM on October 7th if you want to get involved in what is becoming one of the best events of the photographic calendar.

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