FUJIFILM Photo Walks 2018: Another Year of Inspiration FUJIFILM Photo Walks 2018: Another Year of Inspiration FUJIFILM Photo Walks 2018: Another Year of Inspiration FUJIFILM Photo Walks 2018: Another Year of Inspiration FUJIFILM Photo Walks 2018: Another Year of Inspiration

FUJIFILM Photo Walks 2018: Another Year of Inspiration

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Through summer and fall 2018, FUJIFILM X-Photographers and experts hosted a series of epic photo walks in association with local authorized dealers. The walks were completely free and offered guests the opportunity to learn from a professional at some of the most inspirational locations in the USA.

Designed to educate and inspire, each photo walk took guests on a journey along a chosen route, and offered advice, tips and tricks on how to best use the surroundings to create beautiful images. There was also the opportunity for attendees to borrow FUJIFILM gear in limited quantities for free, giving them the chance to get to know the latest models.

Locations varied from city centers to mountain lakes and dramatic coastlines, and appealed to a huge variety of styles including street, landscape, and – with the help of models in attendance – portrait photography.

A total of eight experts came together to create this awesome series of events, including FUJIFILM X-Photographers Bryan Minear, Gareth Pon, Kara Mercer, Omar Z. Robles, Victoria Wright, Seth K. Hughes, and Daniel Malikyar, and professional photographer Alexander Tran.

Each photographer personally chose their specific location and walking route to ensure that their guests took as much as possible away from the event.

“I chose Ford Lake in Ypsilanti because it had the perfect mix of landscape, wildlife, and portrait backdrops to give my guests a wide range of subject matter to shoot.”, said X-Photographer, Bryan Minear. “We chose to shoot later during golden hour to give us the best possible lighting situation for the walk.”

X-Photographer Gareth Pon, on the other hand, chose a more urban location: the city of Chicago. “I love Lincoln Park’s Nature Boardwalk.”, he told us, “It’s a real beauty of a location. There’s a specific location called the Honeycomb, which is one of my favorite places in Chicago to shoot; it’s an iconic and beautiful structure.”

Each walk aimed to appeal to all skill levels, with photographers adapting their instruction to suit the interests of attendees. For example, Bryan’s walk focused on composition and light, whereas Gareth concentrated specifically on posing models and using manual mode to create great portraiture.

Although their locations and focus were different, every photo walk set out to achieve the same thing: to provide a relaxed environment where photographers could learn together without judgment.

“Shooting with other people is something that I think can be extremely beneficial to every photographer, from the inexperienced to the professional.”, said Bryan. “Not only do you build a community, you also benefit from seeing the world from other perspectives.”

This sentiment was echoed by Gareth, who added: “I love teaching people how to shoot and these photo walks are a great opportunity to learn in a safe place. Don’t be intimidated, come along!”

Although the 2018 season of FUJIFILM Photo Walks is now over, you can relive them by browsing some of the beautiful images that were taken in the gallery below (click to enlarge)!

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