Fujifilm Releases Firmware Updates for X Series Cameras and Lenses

Fujifilm Releases Firmware Updates for X Series Cameras and Lenses

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Illustrating its continuing commitment to improving camera and lens functionality for its users, Fujifilm has released several firmware updates for X Series cameras and two lenses. The cameras receiving an update include the FUJIFILM X-E2, X-E2S, X-E3, X-T10, X-T20, and X100F. The lenses subject to the firmware update are the FUJINON XF18mmF2 R and XF60mmF2.4 R Macro.

The new firmware releases will showcase multiple improvements. Details can be found at FUJIFILMFirmware.com under each respective camera or lens.

To check if an update is required, compare the camera or lens’s current firmware version with the new release number as listed below.

  • X-E2: Ver.4.11
  • X-E2S: Ver.1.11
  • X-E3: Ver.1.21
  • X-T10: Ver.1.31
  • X-T20: Ver.2.01
  • X100F: Ver.2.11
  • XF18mm: Ver.3.12
  • XF60mm: Ver.3.12

For a full list of the improvements introduced with these firmware updates, visit FUJIFILMFirmware.com where you’ll also find detailed instructions on how to update your camera.

Please note that more recent firmware versions may have become available since this news story was published. Visit FUJIFILMFirmware.com to ensure you have the latest updates for all of your FUJIFILM gear.

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