Two Professional Cinema Lenses Make X Series Debut Two Professional Cinema Lenses Make X Series Debut Two Professional Cinema Lenses Make X Series Debut

Two Professional Cinema Lenses Make X Series Debut

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FUJIFILM Corporation has announced a new range of high-performance cinema lenses for its X Series range of mirrorless digital cameras. Going on sale in Spring/Summer 2018, the FUJINON MKX18-55mmT2.9 and FUJINON MKX50-135mmT2.9 lenses will be aimed at video professionals, with focus and zoom mechanisms designed for motion picture production.

Fujifilm won the 69th Engineering Emmy® Award in 2017 for its FUJINON lenses, which have been used in movie, commercial and TV productions around the world. Bringing this motion picture expertise to the X Series, the newly announced lenses will provide stunning FUJINON cine lens performance in a lightweight body. The MKX18-55mm and MKX50-135mm will be the first fully manual cinema lenses to be compatible with the X Series range of interchangeable lens cameras.

When combined, the MKX18-55mm and MKX50-135mm cover a focal range of 18-135mm, which covers the most frequently used focal lengths in video production. They also feature a constant T2.9 aperture across the entire zoom range, which enables a shallow depth of field and beautiful, smooth bokeh.

The lenses are designed to ensure minimum focus shift and minimum optical axis shift while zooming. They also minimize lens ‘breathing,’ which refers to a change of angle of view that occurs during focusing. Both lenses feature independent focus, zoom and iris (aperture) rings for easy and intuitive operation. Each ring has a gear pitch of 0.8M (module) to ensure maximum compatibility with professional follow focus systems. The focus rings can rotate up to 200° to facilitate precise focusing.

The MKX18-55mm covers a focal distance equivalent to 27-84mm on a 35mm format camera, while the MKX50-135mm covers the equivalent to 76-206mm. These lenses, when combined with X Series’ unique color reproduction technology, provide a unique and attractive solution for professional moviemakers. Each lens has an electrical contact that enables communication between the camera and the lens, allowing the camera to automatically correct optical distortion and shading.

To further support videographers, these MKX lenses are announced alongside the new FUJIFILM X-H1. This powerful X Series camera features several optimizations for video, including 5-axis in-body image stabilization (IBIS), the ability to shoot DCI 4K footage and a 1080p 120 fps high-speed video mode. The X-H1 is also the first X Series camera to come equipped with the new ETERNA Film Simulation mode, which is designed for video and features understated colors and rich shadow tones that are reminiscent of the classic ETERNA 500 motion picture film.

• Please visit the Fujifilm website for more information about the FUJINON MKX18-55mmT2.9 and the FUJINON MKX50-135mmT2.9.