The Newest Firmware for FUJIFILM Fans The Newest Firmware for FUJIFILM Fans

The Newest Firmware for FUJIFILM Fans

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Selected X Series camera owners can now get a boost, thanks to a major firmware update that brings a range of exciting new features and functionality.

Four cameras in the FUJIFILM X Series now have firmware updates, adding new features and improving performance. Owners of X-T2, X-Pro2, X100F or X-T20 cameras can download the updates now.

Key New Features

Addition of 4K Video Mode
Adds 4K video, for very high-resolution movie footage. [X-Pro2 only]

Support for Tethered Shooting
Adds support for tethered shooting. Connect your camera to your computer and compatible software will enable direct transfer of images as you shoot them. [X-Pro2 only]

New AF Tracking Algorithm for Moving Subjects
A new image recognition algorithm improves focusing in AF-C mode. Subjects can now be followed twice as quickly, and objects half the size can be tracked as they move. [X-Pro2] [X-T2]

By connecting a camera to a PC or Mac, photographers can process and convert the RAW files they specify on their computer using the X-Processor Pro in their camera and FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO software. [X-Pro2] [X-T2] [X100F]

Improve Radio Flash Controller Usability
Users of third-party studio flash can now shoot with their flash in high speed sync mode or with TTL exposure control via radio triggers. [X-Pro2] [X-T2] [X100F]

Support for Backup/Restore of Camera Settings via FUJIFILM X Acquire
Camera settings can now be backed up to a PC or Mac computer using FUJFILM X Acquire software. Copying settings from one camera to another is also possible. [X-Pro2] [X-T2] [X100F]

Touch Panel Operation When Using the EVF
Use the X-T20’s touchscreen while looking though the viewfinder. The active portion of the touchscreen can be set to full screen, right half, left half, or off. [X-T20 only]

These updates are available now at

Please note that more recent firmware versions may have become available since this news story was published. Visit to ensure you have the latest updates for all of your FUJIFILM gear!