X Series Workshops Come to NYC X Series Workshops Come to NYC

X Series Workshops Come to NYC

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Photographers in the Big Apple can learn from leading FUJIFILM users through an ongoing series of bespoke workshops. These events cover a wide range of disciplines, and are designed to inspire and educate participants.

So far in 2018, we’ve seen FUJIFILM X-Photographers Seth K. Hughes and Omar Z. Robles leading X Series workshops for beginners and hobbyists alike.

But don’t worry if you missed out, there are plenty more chances to learn from the pros at the Wonder Photo Shop. These FUJIFILM X Series workshops are popular, so check out our Events page and be sure to register online to secure your place!

And if you don’t own an X Series camera, but would like to try one out, you can take advantage of Wonder Photo Shop’s free one-day X Series Loan Program. Cameras and lenses are available to borrow on a first-come, first-served basis – get in touch with the Wonder Photo Shop for more details.

Find out more about FUJIFILM Wonder Photo Shop workshops on our Events page!