Bill Fortney

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Bill Fortney

Bill Fortney is a photographer, writer, pilot, and presenter with over 45 years of experience.

Bill has worked as a newspaper and magazine photojournalist, sports photographer (once an official photographer for the Washington Redskins), medical photographer, and nature/landscape photographer.

He has also published best-selling books including: The Nature of America (with David Middleton), American Vision: Images by the Best of Today’s Amateur Nature Photographers (with David Middleton, John Shaw and Wayne Lynch), America from 500 Feet! (with Wesley Fortney), Bill Fortney’s Great Photography Workshop, and America from 500 Feet II (with Mark Kettenhofen). Bill’s books have sold well over 150,000 copies, placing him on the list of best-selling photographer/authors in America. Bill has been named a Fellow by the North American Nature Photography Association.

Bill currently teaches for KelbyOne and appears at Photoshop World as a speaker/teacher. Bill teaches Christianity-based photography workshops, and he also works with Jack Graham Photography Workshops.

Bill and his wife Sherelene live in Corbin, Kentucky, and have three adult children and six grandchildren.

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