Build Your Legacy with Fujifilm

FUJIFILM Corporation has spent 85 years producing some of the industry’s most revered photographic film and equipment, from movie film stocks that can be seen in award-winning productions, to pioneering technology in lenses and coatings, and some of the most advanced mirrorless camera technologies in the world.

With such a rich history, Fujifilm’s legacy is mapped out – and now FUJIFILM North America Corporation wants to encourage you to build yours.


The Concept

In this ever-changing world, legacy has never been more important. The idea of creating something that will live on to inspire future generations is one that we all strive to achieve.

However, perhaps more important than the end result is the journey we take while shaping it. The lessons we learn, the people we meet, and the places we see all play their part in not just shaping our legacies, but shaping ourselves, and in turn, our societies.

Using this as inspiration, FUJIFILM North America Corporation is embarking on its own journey to explore the concept of legacy, discovering what it means to different people around the world.


The Reason

“Legacies are wonderful things to think about, because they are both received and given,” says Victor Ha, director of marketing, Electronic Imaging Division at FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “Thinking about this within the context of Fujifilm, it’s incredible to see how legacy has played out over time because we’ve moved from creating and producing some of the most venerated films in the world, to providing those same films as simulations inside the mirrorless digital cameras we make.”

Victor believes FUJIFILM cameras are living representations of decades of legacy, an idea that takes on more shape and meaning when photographers and videographers are asked how they use cameras to build theirs.

“We would like to think that our history with this industry has given us many touch points in the creation of everyone’s individual legacies,” he explains. “We felt it was a good time to start trying to find and encourage everyone to tell those stories.”

By hearing these stories, FUJIFILM North America Corporation aims to uncover a larger legacy that is deep beneath the surface and start a broader dialogue in the industry about why legacies matter.

“We’d be proud to know we encouraged even a handful of people to start considering it,” says Victor. “There are so many layers to the idea of legacy and I hope the images, which will be inevitably shared as a result of our conversations, help to peel back more and more layers of understanding and awareness about this concept.”


The Importance

With such a rich history in the industry, this is an important concept for FUJIFILM North America Corporation. The belief that photography is an extremely valuable part of world culture and therefore should be protected, lies at the heart of its company philosophy.

With this in mind, the aim is to not only acknowledge the part that the brand plays, but also raise awareness and spark deeper discussions about what kind of legacies we are leaving to future generations.

“Our film products have been used all over the world and our cameras continue to capture the hearts and imaginations of photographers and filmmakers everywhere,” explains Victor. “We want to develop this conversation, but more importantly, we want to encourage everyone around us to think about joining the conversation as well.”


The Next Step in Fujifilm’s Digital Legacy

FUJIFILM North America Corporation is taking the first step in exploring this concept by cementing its digital camera legacy: the new FUJIFILM X-T30 camera. The X-T30 is being sent to a selection of photographers around the USA and beyond to discover what legacy means to them and why it is so important.

Follow every step of the X-T30’s journey herevisit the dedicated X-T30 page, or join the conversation at #ShareMyFUJIFILMLegacy.

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