X-Photographers Demonstrate the Power of the New X-T100 Camera

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The FUJIFILM X-T100 is the latest addition to the X Series lineup of mirrorless digital cameras. To coincide with its release, Fujifilm gave two X-Photographers the chance to take it into the field for a test run. Gareth Pon and Victoria Wright are creative professionals with a wealth of experience, and they demand excellent performance from their camera gear. We caught up with them to find out what they thought of the new X-T100 and to take a look at the images it inspired them to create.

Victoria Wright

The X-T100 is a charming, compact camera at an affordable price. I had the opportunity to spend some time with the new beauty while on a trip to Oregon wine country last month — I was not left disappointed.

Victoria Wright FUJIFILM X-T100 technique
Victoria Wright FUJIFILM X-T100 technique

I stayed right in the heart of Willamette Valley with spectacular scenery for miles in every direction. While shooting with the X-T100 during the trip, I particularly enjoyed the Intelligent Hybrid AF — it was fast and accurate as I photographed my alpaca neighbors at a farm down the road. As you can imagine, they were not the easiest subjects given their sudden, unpredictable movements, but the fast and accurate phase detection AF didn’t miss a step.

The horizontal swing LCD screen on the X-T100 also made it easier to get different angles and perspectives, especially while working with animals that can be quite skittish. This camera is compact and lightweight, so it’s easy to throw on your shoulder and take with you when you’re going out for a walk.

I passed a farm, vineyards, and other photogenic locations in the surrounding region, so I was pleased to have a travel-friendly camera with me for the journey. Even better, I successfully avoided intimidating my new animal friends with bulky gear and saved my shoulders from carrying too much weight.

Victoria Wright FUJIFILM X-T100 technique
Victoria Wright FUJIFILM X-T100 technique

While on this trip, one of the other X-T100 features that proved to be useful was the ability to shoot 4K video as well as slow-motion HD video. These are especially appealing features considering the camera’s price point and size — and I was thrilled to be able to capture some quiet landscape and wildlife moments on video during my trip. Shooting handheld wasn’t a problem, and the quality of the footage surpassed my expectations.

In life, we’re often forced to choose between quality and affordability; there’s often a compromise involved. When using the X-T100, however, there were no compromises. I felt like there was a good balance of image quality, camera size, and cost. As a result, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the X-T100 to anyone who is looking for a compact camera that is easy and fun to use. It’s a great way to unlock the door to creative photography – and it also has that beautiful, FUJIFILM camera design that myself and so many others find irresistible.

Gareth Pon FUJIFILM X-T100 technique

Gareth Pon

It has been great to have the opportunity to use the X-T100 over the last few days. I’ve found the X-T100 to be a great walk-around camera, especially since it has both 4K video and slow-motion HD. As a photographer with a history in filmmaking, I always appreciate having a camera that sports some really great video features. I tested out the slow-motion capabilities and I was really happy with the results. I think Fujifilm photographers are going to have great fun with this feature.

I tend to compose using the viewfinder whenever possible, so having a viewfinder with a beautiful OLED display is really incredible. The quality of the viewfinder makes it a lot easier to see the rich colors, clarity, and brightness of what I’m shooting, which means there’s no guesswork involved when I select my exposure values.

I was also really pleasantly surprised by the 177° flip LCD. It proved to be surprisingly useful when shooting street photography. It’s also easy to see the value of being able to record a vlog on the go, and the flip screen makes it much easier to compose in the field and to document the moment.

Thanks to the small form factor, it’s convenient enough to slip into a pocket when you’re on the go. I also thought the design was pleasantly clean and simple. I tried out the black version of the X-T100, but I really like the particularly attractive Champagne Gold version – it’s a great match for Fujifilm’s vintage aesthetic.

Gareth Pon FUJIFILM X-T100 technique
Gareth Pon FUJIFILM X-T100 technique

When I try a new camera, the speed and accuracy of the autofocus are the most important things to test. While using the X-T100, the Intelligent Hybrid AF performed really well and nailed the focus every time. This was great as I was shooting on the go and wanted to keep moving; I didn’t really have time to stop and check my focus after every shot.

When it comes to image quality, having a 24.2MP APS-C sensor in a tiny little body like this is amazing! I could capture large, detailed images – and I still had the option to use all of my existing X Mount lenses. It’s definitely a winner.

Victoria Wright and Gareth Pon are compensated FUJIFILM X-Photographers.

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Gareth Pon FUJIFILM X-T100 technique